Nowhere else in the world will you find a larger or more comprehensive collection of Saskatchewan visual art than in the SK Arts Permanent Collection. This collection includes approximately 3,700 works of 850 artists and represents the work of our province's artists over the past eight decades.

The Goals of SK Arts' Permanent Collection

Through the development and maintenance of a provincial collection of original works of Saskatchewan art and related archives, SK Arts intends:

  • To serve as custodians of the stories of Saskatchewan artists by collecting work from across the full spectrum of visual arts, including those art forms that may not be collected by other institutions, primarily for the purpose of public access;
  • To make the work of Saskatchewan artists accessible to the public through loan, rental, public art installations, and the sharing of images and information;
  • To provide a unique resource in support of the larger Saskatchewan arts ecology, including working with museums, public and commercial art galleries, researchers, curators, students, and collectors;
  • To preserve a representative history of artmaking in the province;
  • To honour and preserve the legacy of artists at all stages of their professional careers and to provide financial support to Saskatchewan artists through fees for commission, purchase, exhibition and/or reproduction; and
  • To contribute to the realization of the mandate and strategic priorities of SK Arts.

You will find everything from paintings, drawings, textiles, prints, photographs, and sculptures in the collection. This wide variety of styles and media demonstrates the diversity and talent of Saskatchewan artists. Artwork from the collection is frequently included in exhibitions throughout the province and country, is loaned to organizations, and is also rented to workplaces through our Art Rental program.


Photo credit: Laura St. Pierre, Vivaria (crop), 2018, inkjet print. Photo courtesy of the artist.