We are proud to feature our Permanent Collection through a series of online exhibitions.

SK Arts - Art Collection - Exhibitions

Since shortly after its inception in 1948, SK Arts (formerly the Saskatchewan Arts Board) has collected works of art and craft by Saskatchewan artists. The formation of SK Arts preceded the development of public art galleries and museums in the province. In the absence of such activity, they determined that our collection of original works of art would form the basis of a provincial collection. With the subsequent growth of public art galleries and museums in the province, it is now a significant and unique resource for institutions provincially, nationally and internationally.

When people think of Saskatchewan landscape, the prairie is what comes to mind. There is no doubt the expansive sky and vast plains of farmland are at the core of our identity and culture; however, for anyone who lives in this province, there is an awareness this is only part of the story. The boreal forest covers over half of Saskatchewan. It is home to cities, towns, rural and Indigenous communities, farms, cottages and parkland containing dozens of tree species, and a rich diversity of birds and wildlife. Saskatchewan artists working in a variety of media have been inspired by the flora and fauna of these northern forests. Into the Woods features 12 artworks from the Saskatchewan Arts Board Permanent Collection that are inspired by the boreal forest and muskegs of northern Saskatchewan.